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Theatre Speakers

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Model LS (In Room)

The Model LS In-room speaker series consists of the truly unique Model LS Concert grand speaker and two different rear-firing boundary woofers.

Model LS (In Wall)

Sound intimacy isn’t merely defined by proximity. Powerful, flexible, and delivering great acoustical depth and realism, the Model LS in-room speaker series promises fully immersive and intimate audio experiences. These modular line source speakers can be easily expanded according to the size of the rooms and the desired impact, ranging from typical residential home theaters to commercial cinemas with seating capacity of up to 1,000.

On Wall Speakers

Articles - Speaker Systems - Steinway Lyngdorf - On Wall Speakers

Model M

Designed for rooms with discreet décor requirements, the Model M provides music and movie connoisseurs with a wide range of finishes as well as installation options.

In Wall Speakers

In Wall Series

Designed and manufactured in Denmark, these dedicated in-wall speakers are developed for placing behind acoustically transparent screens and/or fabric panels or in columns to offer exceptional performance. All speakers are installed with decoupling brackets, eliminating vibration transfer from the speaker to the wall resulting in vastly improved imaging.

Sound Processors

Model P200

With full support of Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X, AURO-3D®, video scaling, 4K and 3D video, HDCP 2.2, and advanced HDMI switching, the Model P200 delivers digital high-def surround sound experiences that the world has never heard.

Power Amplifiers

Model A1 & Model A2

The 2-channel Model A1 and 4-channel Model A2 utilize fully digital amplification. This means that nothing gets between you and your sound. Without sound-deteriorating digital-to-analog conversions, the digital signal drives the speakers directly, with no translation and no middleman. This unique and technically demanding solution offers clear replay at all sound levels, an unsurpassed dynamic range, and the purest sound possible.

System Control


The iconic round remote control – a perfect balance of form and function – replicates the experience of the head unit’s tactile volume wheel. Dedicated versions are available for head unit paired with Model D and C speakers as well as the P1 Processor for all surround sound systems. Its ergonomic and intuitive design provides total command of your Steinway Lyngdorf system, while the build-in radio frequency technology ensures secure and consistent access.